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Welcome to Our Choice Humanitarian Journey!

Ray & LoriAnn Garner

Ray & LoriAnn Garner

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us, and we appreciate all the support we can give! We think all people deserve the opportunity to receive an education.This school will impact the lives of many generations to come. Together we can make a difference!
Thank you for your support - Dr. Ray & LoriAnn Garner



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Recent Donations

1. SShane & Sara Brown
Merry Christmas mom and dad! So sorry we are late to the game but we love you both more than you know!
2. SSShauna Spendlove
Merry Christmas! ?? Thank you for everything! We love you!
3. CCortney Johnston
4. CCortney Johnston
Cortney Johnston
5. LLoriAnn
I am so excited to be going to Ecuador again. I want to start the donation process. Building this vocational school is very hard work in the most beautiful land you will ever see!! I grew to love these people and I am honored to put my blood, sweat and tears into this community. This will impact so many peoples lives!