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Help Peruvian Families install Gardens and Clean Stoves

Jeff & Karen Hamilton Team

Jeff & Karen Hamilton Team


We recently returned from a humanitarian project in the village of Las Pircas, Peru. Similar to our other humanitarian trips, this experience was a highlight of our lives, working with the loving people who are in circumstances of extreme poverty, even while they are industrious and hardworking. Their resources are limited, and it is a great blessing and opportunity for us to invite you to help us help those who need a small gift of grace to step up from their current conditions.

The families we met and worked with in the village suffer with unbalanced diets and unhealthy air quality in their homes. This leads to malnutrition and respiratory illness, especially in the children. Their quality of life can be greatly enhanced with these two simple things:

There is a great need for small gardens to produce fresh green vegetables that will balance families' diets. They subsist mainly on potatoes and rice. Other food items are not readily available and/or too expensive to buy. CHOICE is helping families to till, fence, plant, water, and harvest gardens within their communities. This will make a big difference in their diets and health!

Many children and adults suffer from respiratory illness caused by smoke that gets trapped in their homes when they cook. Their kitchens typically have an open fire on the dirt ground. The smoke from the wood fire swirls throughout the home. Inhaling this smoke aggravates asthma, damages lungs, and leads to chronic bronchitis and other diseases. CHOICE helps provide families with a simple brick and steel stove, including a duct that vents the smoke out of the house! They are easy to build and have a significant impact on the health of the family. Last year we installed these stoves in a village in Guatemala and witnessed the huge benefits!

100% of these funds raised in the 10K CHOICE Humanitarian campaign will go directly to the Peru In-Country Team to implement these two programs in the Piura, Peru region.

Your generous donation goes a lot further than we experience here in the States. Through CHOICE's leveraging model, each dollar is multiplied up to five times, resulting in significant benefits to these people we have left a piece of our hearts with. Please, don't hold back in this amazing effort!!!


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This is an amazing thing your doing God Bless you and these Families Matt and Claudia Sinclair
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You guys are awesome!!!!!
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Continue the great work.
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