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Give a Woman a Voice

Empowering Women Through Literacy

Empowering women through literacy

Give a Woman a Voice.
Tucked away in Guatemala, lies the Chulac community, inhabited by the Q'eqchi indigenous population. It is a community rich in culture and tradition, but due to the evolving world around them, they have been left behind. Their native tongue of Q’eqchi is not used in any local schools, as Spanish has become the dominant language.Choice Humanitarian is helping to teach this language to the Chulac community.

Woman and children in the community do not have the opportunity to make money or take on leadership positions because they are unable to gain the education they need. Without literacy, their voices go unheard.

At Choice Humanitarian, we want to give these women a voice, so that they can step up in the community and in turn, teach their children to read and write in Spanish.

We believe if you teach a mom, you teach a generation.

$250 educates a woman for a year, but every bit helps! Even a donation of $5 provides a USB that loads new lessons for the women. With your help, we hope to educate the entire Q’eqchi community for a year and help add new women to the program.



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