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CHOICE 10K Race for Kenya Water Projects

Joanne Searcy

Joanne Searcy

In Kenya many of the rural schools do not have water nearby. If there is water nearby it is often in a polluted pond or stream. Our CHOICE Kenya team are working with the local communities to plan and carryout a cistern building project at the schools. The community members including the children carry rocks and sand from the area to use in the construction. CHOICE Humanitarian raises funds used to purchase and bring in cement to make concrete and wire to form the outer structure of the cistern. Constructing a water cistern at a school helps the community see a way where they can break the chain of generational poverty. YOUR DONATION WILL HELP BRING WATER TO THE SCHOOLS AND TO THE COMMUNITIES.

Please join the CHOICE 10K for Kenya. Together we can make a difference!



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1. JJ Cole
I have such a love for the people of Africa and this worthy cause! Love to the people in Kenya and all others who suffer in this world.
2. RPRylin Patterson
Thank you for working towards such a great cause
3. AEAnn Engar
4. MBMelinda Boswell