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Calculators for Change

Marian Prince

Marian Prince

If Nepali students in Lamjung have access to the latest instructional technology, mathematics will transform from being a subject to be memorized to a field that opens doors to a variety of future careers.

The calculators only cost $130 each, but each will impact so many lives!

The TI-Nspire CX calculator is an excellent way to supplement the current Nepali mathematics and science curricula because it provides visualizations of difficult mathematical concepts. If each math teacher at the 50 middle and high schools of Lamjung had access to TI-Nspire CX calculators to demonstrate topics throughout the school year, students would better understand and appreciate math -- which leads to opportunities beyond their villages.



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1. MRMatthew Reck DDS
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Marian, you have a heart of gold that is backed up with action! I wish to support your endeavors in Nepal.
3. JHJohn Hoekstra
Great cause Marian. John & Pat
4. TSTonya Snyder
What a great project! Thanks for all you do Marian! Have a great day.
5. RCRobert Clark
6. DBDeepak Basyal