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Rise Above: Bolivia

Jaede Rockwood

Jaede Rockwood

We are working as a team, partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian, in order to construct a home for homeless elderly within the heart of Bolivia, Villa Serrano. These elderly must endure exhausting street living condition due to poverty.

We have spent the past few years spreading awareness and rallying a group of individuals who have caught a passion for this project. Through all of the hard effort that so many loved friends and family have given, we have officially raised $105,000!!!! Thank you to every single humanitarian that has helped, whether with their time, money, or both! You are loved, and recognized!

Our most exciting news, is WE HAVE BEGUN CONSTRUCTION! Just at the beginning of November, the pieces finally came into place to break ground. The housing phase of the project will be constructed with the 105k that we have raised. Phase two will construct even more rooms, a rehabilitation center, as well as the health office.

Now, more than ever, WE NEED YOU! Help us reach the end of our goal with this last push!

Make your own page and become part of our fundraising team!

We are planning a trip to Villa Serrano, Bolivia in either spring or summer of 2018, AND YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!! A cost of only $2,000 will get you a spot on our expedition team with food, room and board, transportation, and planned activities covered. You can come with us and help us finish the construction that we have worked so hard to achieve!
Make a fundraising page and let your friends and family know the amazing project that you are planning to be apart of and the elderly that you will house!

Let's take care of those who have spent their whole lives giving to their community. No elderly man or woman should have to spend their last days living on the streets, so help us right this wrong!!



raised of $220,000 goal

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